"3 Angels, 1 Message..." - Series Presented By John T. Anderson, Pastor and Author

Do recent events in our world give you concern? Is our world heading toward chaos? What is God's plan for this planet?
Looking for answers…?
All are invited to come to San Diego Clairemont Adventist Church - 4125 Hathaway St, ‪S D, CA 92111‬ ‪(858) 569-6735‬ Directions to Our Church Click here - to share in the Divine Revelations of the "3 Angels, 1 Message…"
In Revelation 14 God gives His last message to the world through 3 angels, one following the other. Through these vital messages warnings and instructions are given to prepare His people for the long-awaited return of Jesus who promised to "come again and receive you unto Myself…"
During these events, hear crucial messages to prepare you for the return of Jesus where a weekly series of presentations will highlight the truth revealed in these messages given to the whole world.
John T. Anderson, pastor and author of this recently published book; "Three Angels, One Message" will be giving each compelling nightly lecture and the importance of these 7 verses in scripture will be seen clearly as the messages unfold each night.
The meetings will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from November 8 through November 23, 8 meetings in all. They start at 7 p.m.
Hope to see you there, God Bless!