MINISTRIES Our debt is great to our beloved and dedicated members who provide life and meaning to our church family and community with their selfless service.

Here are few of our local services:

Children's Ministry

Health Ministry (CHIP San Diego)

Family Ministry

Pathfinder's Club

Community Services Ministry

Health Ministry

Counseling Ministry

Sabbath School (Classes for All Ages)

Beginner (Ages Birth - 2) Kindergarten (Ages 3 - 5) Primary (Ages 6 - 9)

Junior (Power Points Ages 10 - 12) Teens (Real Time Faith Ages 13 - 14)

Youth (Cornerstone Connections Ages 15 - 18)  Adult (19 - )


 Please visit our other Ministries online:

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Voice of Prophecy click here.
It Is Written click here.
3ABN click here.
Escondido Adventist School K-12click here.
San Diego Adventist School K-12click here.
La Sierra Universityclick here.
Loma Linda University & Medical Center click here. 
Southeastern California Conference click here. 
For More Adventist Ministries Online click here


Guidelines for Seventh-day Adventist Church Web Sites

The presence of Seventh-day Adventist churches, offices, and institutions around the world has established a global recognition for the Church. Public perception concerning the worldwide family of Seventh-day Adventists is influenced by the lives of members, by the actions of each organization, by denominationally-identified services and programs, and by the maintenance of aesthetic appeal at all physical properties. The Church has adopted and registered, as a trademark, its official name and logo. All denominational organizations listed in the current Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook are authorized to use, for non-commercial purposes, the registered trademarks ("Seventh-day Adventists," "Adventist," "SDA," or any derivative of such; see GC BA 40 40) and logo, of the Church. The right to use the official name and logo of the Church is accompanied by an obligation to protect these against misuse and misrepresentation. To Read These Guideliness Click Here

These guidelines were voted by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Executive Committee at the Annual Council Session in Silver Spring, Maryland, October 10, 2006.

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